Here in South Jersey, we wake up every day trying to do the best we can by our loved ones, friends and neighbors. Workers try to find good-paying jobs. Parents worry about saving up to send their kids to college. Families struggle with the rising cost of gas, groceries and rent.


But down in Washington, our congressman doesn’t concern himself with all that. Rather than standing up for us, he spends his days desperately seeking the approval of the country’s most bitter partisans, who prefer chaos to governing. The people’s business is at a standstill while they spend their time catering to Donald Trump, even as our own needs grow more and more urgent.

That’s why I am running for Congress.

While our current congressman spends his time on Newsmax or Fox currying favor with the former president, he is not paying attention to the real and pressing issues facing his constituents. He’ll use our towns as props to score political points but when it comes right down to it, he has long forgotten about the things we care about. When he went down to Washington, he promised to fight for our priorities. Instead, he devotes his time to fighting against a woman’s right to choose and for our government to stop paying its bills, which would be an economic disaster for our families. He promised to bring back jobs but has not lifted a finger to bring manufacturing back to our region. He promised to care for our seniors but voted against capping the cost of prescription drugs like insulin. 


His time is up. Join me, as we work to create more jobs here in South Jersey by providing tax credits to bring manufacturing back and creating apprenticeship programs for workers to learn new skills. Together, we will protect Social Security and ensure that Medicare can negotiate cheaper prescription drug prices. We will finally restore the SALT deduction to lower taxes for middle-class New Jerseyans.


As a businessman who created hundreds of jobs, I didn’t care if my colleagues were Democrats or Republicans – I only cared about creating an environment where we all could succeed. As an engineer who made a career solving complicated problems, I didn’t care if the solution was popular – I only cared about making the machinery run. When I look at what is going on in DC and see our congressman letting us down time and again, I know we can do better. With your support, we will.