We need a Congressman who will deliver real results for South Jersey, a Congressman who manufactures jobs, not partisan spin, a Congressman who defends our rights without subjecting them to the whims of extremist politicians.

Joe is running to deliver on the promise of a freer, fairer, and more prosperous America.

We must focus on forward progress and not yield to those who want to turn back the clock. Reproductive rights are under attack. Poor economic policies and inflation are making life unaffordable for South Jersey residents.

Joe believes in the power of free enterprise to help us prosper but only when we all have an equal opportunity to share in it. That requires broadening access to education, affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and reliable childcare.

We face tough obstacles that require not only commitment and persistence, but an unyielding defense of our values.

A lifelong New Jersey resident, Joe was raised by a World War II POW who devoted his career to serving other veterans in the VA and a mom who worked as a secretary in the local schools.

He earned an engineering degree from Princeton University and a law degree from Rutgers University, attending nights while working during the day. He and his wife Della live in Lower Township. Their four children were all educated in New Jersey’s public schools. Joe’s first job was pumping gas in high school. By working hard and taking nothing for granted, he became an entrepreneur who created new companies and hundreds of jobs in businesses ranging from a machine shop to software development companies.

Now, Joe Salerno is running for Congress to work for South Jersey’s families with his know-how creating jobs as a businessman, solving problems as an engineer, and protecting rights as an attorney.